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Who are the real criminals?

Jury trial starts over XR Brazilian Embassy action

Palestine Action shut down Elbit landlords in Birmingham

Coal, Oil, Fire and Climate – an interview with Julie Macken

Another day another Israeli weapons factory shut down

Solo Palestine solidarity crane protest high above London

Palestine Action Grenfell anniversary protest

Palestine Action turn up the heat on Israeli arms manufacturer Elbit

Andrew Feinstein Interview: Palestine Action – direct action against the arms trade

Palestine Action close down Elbit Tamworth subsidiary again

Dramatic protest at BP sponsored British Museum Nero exhibition

Palestine Action occupy drone manufacturing plant in Leicester

Messy Greenwash Protest at BP Annual General Meeting

Silence for Palestine at Israeli arms company protest.

Deeds Not Words direct action protest at The Guardian

“No Space for Plastic” protest at Unilever’s Annual General Meeting

NHS privatisation by stealth – the selling of GP practices

Extinction Rebellion ‘Rebellion of One’ protests

Jury acquits Shell window smashers

Drax Annual General Meeting disrupted by climate activists

Palestine Action activist charged with ‘conspiracy to blackmail’

Churchill votes for Burning Pink Mayor Valerie Brown

Palestine Action – Double direct action against Elbit this week (new film)

“Shell 7” in court this week over £25000 damage at Shell HQ

Two Elbit arms sites occupied overnight by Palestine Action activists

Kill The Bill protest London speech by Jeremy Corbyn

Solidarity protest as Palestine Action activists appear in court

Billboard subvertising in support of NHS nurses’ pay rise