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We Need a Wealth Tax to Rebuild

Labour’s Director of Strategy has reportedly told the shadow cabinet the social groups which she had identified that we need to win back in order to ...

Shot with Rubber Bullets, Hospitalized, Jailed: Line 3 Protester Tara Houska Decries Police Attack

Should Progressives in Congress Oppose Biden Infrastructure Deal If Reconciliation Bill Is Blocked?

CDC Issues 60-Day Eviction Moratorium After Progressives Pressured Biden & “Moved Mountains”

Cuomo Must Go: Sexual Harassment Report Prompts Demands for NY Gov. to Resign or Face Impeachment

Top U.S. & World Headlines — August 4, 2021

The London Riots – 10 Years On | #TyskySour

openDemocracy appoints Peter Geoghegan editor-in-chief

Peter Geoghegan has been appointed editor-in-chief of openDemocracy. Geoghegan, who currently heads openDemocracy’s UK investigations, will take up the role at the end of August. Geoghegan, ...

Making trafficking a capital offence in India

Similarly, there are several impediments to effective investigation and prosecution of trafficking cases, which had an acquittal rate of 73% in 2019 according to the National ...

PFIZER & MODERNA Jack Up Vaccine Prices

The New Anthony Bourdain Documentary Opens Up an Ethical Can of Worms

From staging its emotional finale to deploying AI-generated simulations of Anthony Bourdain’s voice, Roadrunner’s director has undercut the reliability of the entire project. Roadrunner traps Anthony ...

Kshama Sawant: Why I Signed the Petition for My Own Recall

Since the moment that socialist Kshama Sawant was elected to the Seattle City Council, the rich, the Right, and the Democratic establishment have tried to destroy ...

47. The Right to Roam: An Interview with Nick Hayes Listen on iTunes Listen on Spotify This week, Grace speaks to Nick Hayes, author of The Book of Trespass: Crossing the Lines that Divide Us. They ...

With LGBTQ+ rights in the spotlight, Hungary prepares for a political showdown

In July 2020 a Hungarian court found the country’s former ambassador to Peru, Gábor Kaleta, guilty of possession of some 19,000 child porn pictures. He received ...

14 Years in Prison for Embarrassing the Government | Matt Kennard

Turning the tide of litter in Manchester

Volunteer litter pickers are stoically taking on the eyesore of street litter. Noora Mykkanen went along with litter picker Charles Kinniburgh to see why they do ...

The UK’s Parliament Is Full of Landlords

No less than 115 UK members of parliament — 90 of them Tories — are landlords. The housing crisis won’t be solved until that changes. Prime ...

Liberals Don’t Understand the American Empire

Ben Rhodes graduated from New York University in 2002 with a masters degree in creative writing, before moving to Washington DC ‘to be part of the ...

Mining and green new deals

Though historic tensions exist between environmental and labour politics that must be overcome, this fabricated dichotomy is made possible in part by the well-rehearsed maxim that ...

St James Priory: 900 years of refuge and healing

Tucked away between the coach station and the busy shopping streets of Broadmead, St James Priory is Bristol’s oldest building; a fragment of the city’s medieval ...

Llafur Ni: The search for lost welsh grains

Radical Seeds Gerald is aware that reviving, saving and sharing seeds, once staple on-farm practices, is a radical political act these days. In fact, it’s all part ...

Factory farming is pushing independent farmers to the edge of extinction

Why Cornel West Still Has Hope — 2021 Interview

10 Years After the Riots, the Left Is Finally Taking on the Police State

10 years ago this week, over 15,000 people took to the streets in the most widespread civil unrest the country had seen in a generation. The ...

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